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Badr Bakhat

Badr Bakhat

Sustainability Leader | Humanitarian with Team Rubicon | Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Process Engineer | Polyglot

Freelancer Available
I'm a passionate leader with a diverse skillset spanning sustainability, process optimization, and international business development. I drive positive change by guiding clients towards responsible practices and implementing innovative solutions to optimize manufacturing, logistics, and marketing strategies. Throughout my over-15-years career, I've always succeeded in delivering impactful results, from generating substantial cost savings to exceeding sales targets without ever compromising the quality of delivered goods and/or services. I'm a data-driven problem solver with a proven ability to lead cross-functional teams and deliver measurable results across a range of industries and countries
  • Develop tailored ESG reporting frameworks and guide clients towards responsible business practices
  • Ensure compliance with leading ESG standards and facilitates stakeholder engagement
Detailed Description
  • Conduct materiality assessments: Identify and assess material ESG risks and opportunities using adapted tools and methods
  • Develop a robust ESG reporting framework, adapted to the clients' specificities, gathering both qualitative disclosure models such as GRI's 302-4 and CDP's C6.1, and qualitative ones such as SASB's "Management of Chemicals in Products" and TCFD's "Governance"
  • Ensure compliance with relevant ESG standards and regulations (SASB, GRI, TCFD, IR, UN SDGs, PRI) and suggest additional voluntary actions
  • Improve (or establish in case of absence) the clients' GHG accounting process to ensure all Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions are accounted for
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement and transparency through trainings and workshops
  • Optimized manufacturing in US & South Korea by transferring technology and implementing Lean Six Sigma for regulatory compliance and continuous improvement
Detailed Description
  • Worked as part of a cross-functional team to execute technology transfer and improve manufacturing processes in US and South Korean facilities
  • Solved complex problems on the critical manufacturing process of firing oxide and non-oxide ceramics in fuel-fired and electrically heated kilns and furnaces operating in air, atmosphere, and /or vacuum environment
  • Ensured standardization and continuous improvement of the firing process including data collection, analysis, and reporting systems
  • Lead major projects optimizing burners setting, redefining kiln relines, and upgrading safety equipment to reach total compliance with regulations and directives, such as Reg. 7 and NFPA 86, by using Lean Six Sigma tools such as DMAIC, DMEDI, and Kaizen improvements
  • Tackled complex logistics and production challenges across the Americas, implementing innovative solutions to guarantee on-time delivery, secure positive cash flow, and drive ongoing process improvements.
Detailed Description
  • Prescribed equipment improving customers' processes and manage the freight from subsidiaries and partners in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Spain, South Africa, and the US to customers in Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Mexico, Peru, and the US
  • Oversaw consulting projects in North and South America, ensuring a permanent positive cash flow and respect of the defined schedule
  • Conceived new follow-up tools and improve existing processes in the Consulting and Service Department
  • Redacted proposals with the technical description of the process and solution, the complete description of Direxa's supply, customer supply and terms of the proposals (price, schedule, payment terms...)
  • Worked with existing suppliers to develop technical solutions or find new suppliers for new technologies
  • Worked with subsidiaries and partners in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and the US
  • Collect data, analyze it, and provide exploitable studies for decision-makers
  • Redefine complex problems and generate business leads in several African and European countries
Detailed Description
  • Examples of missions:
    • Assessed and drafted mitigation plans concerning the security risks faced by companies seeking to exploit specific oil fields in West Africa
    • Delivered highly detailed analysis of income generating activities and money laundering channels of terrorist groups in the Sahel
    • As part of a 6 people team, I helped plan the Stars in Africa event in Kenya and delivered the largest French delegation ever in Africa (included 120+ CEO, diplomats, and NGO leaders)
    • Successfully over-viewed due diligence of preeminent energy groups in the MENA region with focus on PEP and environmental issues
  • Clean and consolidate data, define KPIs, design reporting tools, and build models to optimize lead time and ensure safety in COVID-19 testing sites
  • Provided insights helping to slash lead time by 80% while complying with HIPAA
Detailed Description
  • Project Baseline is a PPP gathering Verily Life Sciences and the Office of the Governor of California
  • Co-founded the cabinet and fulfilled >250% income growth by implementing Six Sigma tools for cost reduction, organizational (re)structuring, and project management
Detailed Description
  • Project development: identified clients’ needs and built tailored projects optimizing costs and deadlines (defined baselines, management plans, and provisional deadlines)
  • Project management: coordinated all the actors, organized and conducted meetings, created dashboards and reporting templates, and insured cost control and negotiation with both public and private partners
  • Top 3 Projects: Football Stadium of Tetouan ($71 M), Palace of Arts and Culture of Tangier ($17 M) and Hippodrome of Rabat ($14 M)
  • Audited clients in France, Spain, and Portugal, and generated more than $15 million savings in operational costs
Detailed Description
  • Collected qualitative data through phone and face-to-face interviews with C-Level managers and cross-referenced it with the quantitative one, consisting of accounting and financial statements analysis
  • Identified the improvable strategic orientations and operational actions then carried subsequent implementations (sourcing of providers, redesign to cost, and HR restructuring)
  • Main projects:
    • Specialized retailer (France): Audited the image type and validation process: chose the type (3D, outdoors, and/or studio shootings) and reduced the lead time (supply chain management and process optimization)
    • Cosmetics manufacturer and retailer (France): Audited packaging creative processes: sourced creative agencies and suppliers and reduced the lead time for a perfume go-to-market
    • Financial institution (France): Audited the financial communication and promotion tools: changed the medium and redesigned to cost printed material
    • Specialized retailer (Spain & Portugal): Audited promotion mechanisms: reduced operational costs through change of materials and redefined the promotional strategy
  • Managed a highly complex account, helping clients structure databases, prescribing marketing tools, and generating additional revenue for both Nielsen and the client
  • Over 300k€ incremental sales when the objective was 200k€
Detailed Description
  • Assisted the C-level executives formulate the company's unexpressed needs then redacted the mission statements
  • Analyzed both local and international market requirements and recommended actions to generate long term competitive advantage
  • Guaranteed the completion and selling of the marketing studies (edited in Bangalore) and negotiated the prices as well as the delivery schedules
  • Presented the C-suite with our insights and recommendations and regularly trained the client's marketing teams to optimize their use of Nielsen tools
  • Drove SMB lead generation campaigns (Google Adword/Adsense, Excel, Sharepoint) and ensured automatic tracking and ROI measurement on
  • 37% closing rate and 66% of roadshow costs financed via sponsoring
Detailed Description
  • Conceived statistical models showing the Marketing and Communication department contribution in lead generation and long sales cycles closing. Which resulted in a substantial increase of the department's budget
  • Drove SMB lead generation campaigns (integrated campaigns: online and offline assets, affiliation, Google Adwords/Adsense), automatic tracking setup and ROI measurement on
  • Conducted quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify keynote themes and manage the logistics of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise annual roadshow (8 cities and more than 2.500 participants)
  • Maintained regular contact with internal and partner sales people, and ensured support of a 350 direct resellers network
  • Devised applied statistical models (GLS, DOE, sequential analysis, and polynomial regression) for innovation, process optimization, and sourcing improvement
  • Reduced materials cost by 20% ($2.3 million) and slashed R&D cost by more than 90%
Detailed Description
  • Oversaw a five member senior engineers/technicians team
  • Built and applied statistical models to reduce R&D costs
  • Negotiated deals with gold/platinum suppliers and reported to the General Management
  • Developed technological cooperation with national and international partners
  • Results:
    • Standardized the gilding processes and oversaw their implementation
    • 20% of reduction of the cost of raw gold/platinum (milled powder + oxides)