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Badr Bakhat

Badr Bakhat

Sustainability Leader | Humanitarian with Team Rubicon | Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Process Engineer | Polyglot

Freelancer Available
I'm a passionate leader with a diverse skillset spanning sustainability, process optimization, and international business development. I drive positive change by guiding clients towards responsible practices and implementing innovative solutions to optimize manufacturing, logistics, and marketing strategies. Throughout my over-15-years career, I've always succeeded in delivering impactful results, from generating substantial cost savings to exceeding sales targets without ever compromising the quality of delivered goods and/or services. I'm a data-driven problem solver with a proven ability to lead cross-functional teams and deliver measurable results across a range of industries and countries

Masters Degree in Materials Engineering

ENSCI School of Engineers, Limoges, France

September 2004 to October 2008
Details and Extracurriculars
  • ENSCI's mission is to train engineers who master both manufacturing processes (integrating the complete approach of powder to finished products) and management with specific skills in the manufacturing of non-metallic mineral materials.
  • General Scientific Training
    • Mathematics and numerical analysis
    • Metrology
    • Industrial design
    • Scientific calculations and simulation (Scilab)
    • Statistical tools and R&D methods
    • Regression and optimization elements (Excel, SPSS, Minitab)
  • Materials Science
    • State of solid matter
    • Characterization of micro-structures
    • Mineral chemistry
    • Thermodynamics of heterogeneous systems
    • Physical properties of materials
    • Reactivity of heterogeneous systems
    • Materials: Polymers, Metals, Alloys and Composites
    • Physical and chemical heterogeneity
    • Mechanical Behavior
    • Ceramic materials and properties
    • Glass: products and technologies
  • Science applied to Processes and Engineering
    • Fluid mechanics
    • Industrial heaters
    • Geology and raw materials
    • Grinding and mixing
    • Project "ceramic piece"
    • Industrial environment
    • Automation and Electrical Engineering
    • Project: Engineering and Processes
    • Suspensions and pastes
    • Examples of heterogeneous systems
    • Defects and interfaces
    • Properties of Materials
    • Simulation (LabView, SolidWorks)
  • Human, social and business training
    • Communication and documentation
    • Hygiene and Safety, and labor legislation
    • Management of the company, the teams, and the quality
    • Knowledge of the company
    • Industrial property, business strategy and innovation
    • Project management (MS Project)
    • Accounting
    • Business Law
    • French Labor law
  • Engineering and Processes Major (IP)
    • Business Management
    • Quality and reliability
    • Engineering of a Production Unit
    • Business start-up project
    • Modeling of Thermal Systems
      ° Automatic machine case study
      ° Control and regulation technology
      ° Software engineering
  • Languages
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Russian
  • Report: “Conception of an innovative production unit for external insulation products”
  • Internships: 11 months in France (Valeo/Temex Ceramics/Cerlase), 4 months in Poland (FERCOM Sp Zoo – ex LG Philips Displays Poland) and 2 months in Morocco (SoditColor)